We Have Pets In Common

As a pet parent and pet entrepreneur, I quickly noticed social media's narrow portrayal of a pet parent. It seemed to mimic a nationwide media view of the "ideal" family: a "perfect" white, two-heterosexual-parent household. The media's algorithm was based on something far from my experience as a pet owner: a black, single, mature, struggling female entrepreneur who loves the shit out of animals, is crazy about her own fur monsters and doesn't have it all together.

The truth is, pet-owning humans' homes consist of same-sex, single, black, Latinx, gay, transgender, handicapped, mature, overweight, underweight, apartment-renting, homeless and a variety of other kinds of pet parents.
I want to change those algorithms and open the field of play for all humans who love pets. One of the things we have in common is the "love" of animals, and if we can start with that common ground, I believe we will find more things in common, creating a natural flow of connection for a peaceful existence.
I created the "We Have Pets In Common" initiative to highlight the people who are being omitted from the media algorithm facade. These are the same people who are discriminated against, abused, tossed aside, harassed, and even killed.
Please join me in creating a new algorithm by sharing WoofCat interviews, and coming soon WoofCat Unleashed podcasts. The interviews and podcast will highlight community inspiration making difference in the world through their own personal action, and being brave in a world that needs an extra dose of courage who also love their pets.