At WoofCat, every treat is hand-crafted with wholeness in mind. Our cute "ass" pet treats are hand-crafted with less than three ingredients that are all-natural, organic, and non-toxic. And for all you cat lovers we have cat treats COMING SOON!



Create a pet and parent brand that nurtures the health and wellness of each pet and parent we touch.



My name is Nicole Winstead, and I am the creator and baker at WoofCat. In 2005 I began rescuing dogs. And by 2012, I needed to save money, so I started making homemade dog treats. I gave some to friends, and their dogs loved them so much a friend suggested I try selling them to help fund an upcoming vacation. I paid for the holiday and, twelve years later, I have nurtured a full-fledged pet business trying to change the world. 

Every treat is handcrafted with my own two hands and packaged with love.

As my vision for WoofCat grows, so will products and outreach. The pet community continues to be my inspiration and drive to produce amazing quality products and nurture a platform that creates change and healing.  



One afternoon a then three-year-old Ransom (my son) had been watching the cartoon Cat Dog. He came tromping in my bedroom with hand on hip making the cutest demand. "Don't call me Ransom, call me WoofCat," I looked at him and said, "Ok, Ransom." He looked at me with very serious eyes and said, "Don't call me Ransom, call me WoofCat!"

The name stuck with Ransom for several years and then it faded away with other adolescent whims.

The name WoofCat resurfaced when I had to register my pet treat company with the Arkansas Secretary of State. Ransom was with me that day and I remember asking him his opinion about what I should call the business. As we talked and rattled off names "WoofCat" resurfaced and the rest is history.